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Balian Surf Camp

This is the best place to stay for people who seek the peaceful side of Bali. Super low rates, the Balian Beach as the outdoor, humble and modest staff, perfect!

Pick Up and Drop Off

Just need a driver to take you somewhere and leave you there? Let us know. Our service emphasizes the on-time precision. It will never bring you down.

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Balian As Desired Traveling

You have your own preference of where to visit and what to do. No worry! We’re able to take you to every corner of Bali at anytime you wish. This is the most flexible package ever.

Balian Full Day Traveling

If you have a free full day to spend, and you want to turn it into a memorable Bali traveling experience, but you’re less in knowing places of Bali which worth your visit, then Balian Full Day Traveling packages fit you. These full day packages are meant to bring you the representative big picture of Bali’s beauty. Please check them all and see how you’re getting convinced.

Package 1: East Side


Package 2: Mid Side


Package 3: South Side

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Balian Activity Traveling

Do you want to go somewhere in Bali based on what you love to do? Balian Activity Traveling Package is our answer. We just made a recommendation list of some popular hobbies and activities and their best place to unleash.

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Experiencing the sights, sounds and scents of ubud at your own speed as riding bike is the perfect way to discover the keep-secret beauty of Ubud backside village. An easier trail from Ubud village through the stunning beauty of lush rice paddies field of Bentuyung village where you purely feel the morning breeze of countryside fresh air, pampering your mind and soul by enjoying its extravagant panorama of rural natural beauty

Jatiluwih is traditional Balinese village situated in the tranquility of Penebel District, a famous site of rice terrace and now become the world heritage site by UNESCO. We will provide you the exciting ATV Ride Adventure to explore special track crossing the muddy land and beautiful rice terrace. It is a perfect challenges adventure you can join together with you family or other parties to enjoy the fun riding while enjoy the exotic site of Jatiluwih.